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Killing time done right: leave it to a Marine…




That’s a LAV.

Not sure if MARPAT or CADPAT.

Gunny’s riding Momma Dog: A cautionary tale.




Momma Dog -

Funny, funny stuff.  If you’ve ever stood watch at a post like this, you know this is the norm :)

I had to scroll through photos of dog moms to find this.

Every single person on my dash has to watch this by law.

we all been there buddy…

SOLDIER STORIES: Kentucky Fried Chicken Done Right.


This evening, my roommate and I were swimming in a river off 31W (Dixie Highway) extremely close to Fort Knox. It was actually part of an old training lane that hasn’t been used since the 80s, and the river is amazingly clear back there.

As we’re drying off near the Jeep and getting ready to leave, we hear a helicopter. I joke about how it’s the DNR coming to get us, because we’re on federal property and we had a good laugh. We start driving down the dirt road, back to the highway, and we notice an Apache passing by on our 12 o’clock. We realize he’s circling us. hahaha

So he keeps circling as we’re driving (it’s a good 6 miles back to the main road) and he’s getting closer and closer. Brian is freaking out, thinking we’re in trouble, or they’re running a training exercise on that road, and a convoy is about to come smashing into us headfirst… I’m just laughing and craning my neck, trying to see the bird.

Next thing we know, he’s flying parallel to us, and I see him. He’s flying about 30 meters to our 3 o’clock. I throw up the rock fist, and he tips his wings at us. Instant relief hits both of us, and we know it’s game on. Brian punches it, and peels off on the dirt road. We hit a turn and almost spin out of control on the rocks, but he regains control. Whitesnake comes on the radio and I turn it up. We’re both screaming and laughing.

We thought we lost him since he peeled off, but about 10 seconds later, he’s swinging in to our 12, coming in like he’s landing. Every fucking piece of equipment that attack helicopter had on it was facing directly at us. We came face to fucking face with the full might of the American military, and it was the most terrifyingly amazing experience ever. So terrifying, we forgot that he was playing with us, and we about shit our pants.

Brian slows down and comes to a dead stop, but the pilot swoops us, buzzing past the roof. The fucking Jeep shook in the rotor wash. We instantly remember he’s playing with us, and we punch it again, but the exciting game is over. He won, and he knew it. We got back on the highway, and he returned to his normal flight pattern/training exercise/whatever he was doing when he spotted our vehicle.

In my fright and awe, I was able to take these horrible pictures:

Most amazing experience of my whole career. We played chicken with a fucking Apache.

The versatility and ingenuity of military acronyms.
[“Fuck” has been a staple of military language and an eloquently suited descriptor for generations.]

The versatility and ingenuity of military acronyms.

[“Fuck” has been a staple of military language and an eloquently suited descriptor for generations.]

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