SOF tactical theory

They prefer to take the safer route as with all SOF units. SF/Delta/Seals/Force Recon marines all do really practical stuff that’s why they aren’t killed as much as we are. But when they do get hit they’re severely out numbered so they have to make smart choices. That’s why the guy in the picture has an M203. He can pop up and get a target picture, drop back down, and pop a 40mm over a wall using his rudimentary range finder. The one on the M320 is digital and you have to be really good with it to hit something without looking. Also it is really bulky and uncomfortable when carrying either underslung on a rifle/carbine or stand alone. The M203 though old is still relatively sleek and you can use the rifle/carbine as a buttstock as it is fired from the hip like an M79. The only people who don’t really do things practically are the Rangers lmao. They take what we do and multiply it to the most murderous power which usually ends up with them just saying fuck it and destroying everything around when they run into the slightest resistance. All the other SOF groups use small scale practical and delicate means to eliminate and capture targets when they have the opportunity… They’re also pretty good at destroying things by the grid square when they have to lmao.


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