Insight: In U.S. soldier's death, a window into Afghan insider killings

"After the shooting incident a group of Taliban came to my house and said that Welayat Khan was their man," said Nazar Khan, the brother of the Afghan soldier who was killed by U.S. forces after he opened fire on the Americans.

“‘We have trained him for this mission and you must be proud of his martyrdom,’” the brother quoted a local Taliban commander as saying.

Interviews with Afghan officials suggest that Welayat Khan was not properly vetted. He was admitted to the force seven months before the attack, despite presenting a fake birth certificate and having gotten a flimsy recommendation from a commander who vouched for him simply because the two men were ethnic Pashtuns, according to Afghan sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

[Click through for the full Reuters article, worth a read. -R]


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